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Matters Needing Attention in Dyeing with High Temperature and High Pressure Dyeing Machine

Release date: 2016-12-05 16:05:03 Visits: 298

In order to avoid improper operation and poor operation and other causes color flowers, color stains, pigmentation, and other defects, so high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine should pay attention to the following:
1, the choice of dye Dyeing as far as possible the choice of diffusion and level dyeing of good varieties, fight color should be used on the dyeing performance is relatively close to the dye.
2, restore the reduction cleaning cleaning is to remove the floating color of an important part. After reduction cleaning, the color slightly fades. At the same time, the fastness to rubbing and the fastness to sunlight were improved.
3, the tar spot to prevent the so-called tar stains formed in the dye-like viscous material, the main ingredient in the dye dispersant and polyester oligomers. Polyester oligomers are polyester polycondensation, the long process of dyeing at high temperature it will flow from the fiber infiltration of dye in the fiber surface adhesion. Measures to prevent tar spots are: (1) to strengthen the fabric pre-treatment. (2) to improve dyeing bath ratio. (3) the application of high temperature and high pressure dispersant. (4) the use of high-temperature drainage, to avoid cooling the dye after the crystallization of precipitation. (5) shorten the equipment cleaning cycle.

4, dye solution modulation Dye, you should first use a small amount of cold water to dye into a slurry, and then rinse with water at room temperature, note that the dilution of water temperature can not be too high, higher than 60 degrees, disperse the quilt damage, The condensation, in addition to the modulation of the dye, the powder can also be used to modulate the powder, that is, under high-speed mixing slowly dyed into cold water, dye bath should not be long after preparation home. With the need to stir slowly with the mixer to prevent the precipitation.