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Quick way to install the dyeing machine

Release date: 2016-12-05 16:07:18 Visits: 291

1, the dyeing machine to determine the location of the installation, but before installing the dyeing machine, it is best to leave room for maintenance and operation of equipment for future operation and maintenance;
2, the dyeing machine should be installed on a relatively flat foundation, and then use the feet of the screws to its fixed;
3, in the process of installing the dyeing machine, it is best to use the equipment to check the level of equipment, level of the situation is not enough, you must find out to install;
4, the best dyeing machine can be three-phase four-wire power supply, the entire installation in the device wire box;
5, the dyeing machine to install the whole process, the equipment must be grounded in the corresponding treatment to ensure the safety of equipment installation and use.