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Improvement and Development of the Technical Level of Bobbin Dyeing Machine

Release date: 2016-12-05 16:07:46 Visits: 288

The development of the application of yarn dyeing technology has promoted the continuous progress of the dyeing equipment. The traditional dyeing process based on human experience has been replaced by the reliable and advanced automatic control technology. These functions and structures not only ensure the reproducibility of the dyeing process, but also reflect the high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection features, bring high economic benefits for the users, but also bring a certain social benefit.
1, suitable for the development of dyeing process, improve "a success" rate
Dyeing process is closely related to the addition to the dye and equipment, is the dye material. Dye for a fiber dyeing, always accompanied by the improvement of the development of the fiber, but also continue to expand in the dyeing of other fibers, which is representative of the dye is reactive dyes. It can be said that it is the fastest growing class of dyes. After the formation of the basic theory of dyeing reactive dyes, people put forward some more reasonable and strict control methods, developed a number of new dyeing process. Such as the controlled dyeing process and neutral fixation process, which ensure the quality and reproducibility of dyeing play a significant role.
1.1 Controlled dyeing process
Controlled dyeing is a combination of dyestuff, dyeing technology and management technology, strict and accurate control of the dyeing process, the scientific and rational dyeing process, to achieve high efficiency, high genuine rate, low production costs and the least waste water pollution mode of production. This is what we now often talk about "a successful" production.
From the dyeing technology point of view, the choice of better compatibility of the dye, through a certain process and reasonable control of the dyeing process, is the key to controlled dyeing. Program control is reasonable, a direct impact on the dyeing process, and it is through the dyeing machine to achieve some of the features. According to the different rules of dyestuff dyeing and fixing, the dyeing process of the dyestuffs can be designed and controlled by dyeing machine. The dyeing temperature, the concentration of dyestuffs and additives, etc. , The temperature ratio, feeding metering, bath ratio and dyeing time control.
The controlled dyeing process is not only used for dyeing, but has now been extended to the washing process after dyeing. It can design reasonable control procedure and process control to achieve high efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction by influencing factors of water washing, such as temperature, water flow speed, PH value and the directness of hydrolyzed dyes.