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Dyeing machine two different dye exchange

Release date: 2016-12-05 16:09:08 Visits: 288

Air color machine uses the air dynamics, mainly the use of air circulation instead of the role of water to ensure that the fabric can be traction cycle of movement, so if it is compared with the traditional dyeing machine, then its In dyeing bath ratio was very effective to reduce, but the dyeing machine in the whole air, the fabric and dye in different forms of exchange, can be divided into two categories, the penetration of air pressure and air atomization .
First, the pressure of the infiltration: in the entire form and the different air, but also use the same two nozzles, one is pure air nozzle, the other is the flow of the nozzle, when the fabric began to stain, but also need Through the flow of the nozzle, so that it can be exchanged with the dye solution, and finally from the mention roll position, directly into the air flow of the nozzle, and the air flow on the fabric in the dye is played on the penetration Of the pressure, so the dyeing machine in the beginning of the non-traction fabric, but also on the dye in the diffusion rate on the upgrade.
Second, the air atomization: the same is the need to dye through the nozzle, after the atomization treatment, will be dispersed in the air flow, and then the use of atomized dye gas flow, all the fabric will be interchangeable between the processing , and to ensure that the fabric cycle and traction, but in the exchange process, not only atomized dye on the whole fabric in the contact surface is very large, for the fabric containing fibers in the penetration is also relatively strong, the maximum degree The diffusion rate of the fibers in the dye solution is increased. If the current use in the market from the point of view, the air atomization in the form of dyeing more commonly used, and the effect is also very good.