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High-pressure high-temperature dyeing machine in the technical characteristics

Release date: 2016-12-05 16:09:40 Visits: 282

First, because of the distribution of the motor with cloth, and the frequency of the speed, so the cloth can reach 600m / min;
Second, the use of the structure of the design, to ensure that the fabric can be in the lower tension state under the high-speed operation, but also equipped with the impact of fabric blankets, not only can effectively ensure that the fabric in the dye vat Order stacking, but also the greatest degree of avoid the phenomenon of dye off, a good cloth in the fluffy billet and feel to improve;
Third, the more special anti-clogging baffle design to ensure that dyeing in the entire operation of the process will not spin phenomenon, to ensure the uniformity of the entire coloring;
Fourth, the use of the nozzle can be adjusted in the gap, according to the actual production situation, the cloth kinds of random adjustments to effectively achieve the full jet dyeing or semi-jet dyeing;
Fifth, the vat in the main body on a more special network design to ensure that even in the high-density fabric dyeing, it can maintain a smooth dyeing effect;
6, can be equipped with fully automated liquid into the simulation, and feeding and temperature control system, the degree of the dyeing cylinder to reduce the relatively poor problem.