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The Principle and Application of Dyeing Machine

Release date: 2016-12-05 16:10:02 Visits: 303

First, the technical principle
1. Technical principles
According to the principle of aerodynamics, the mist sprayed liquid produced by the special nozzle is finished in dyeing process in the gas-liquid mixing chamber, and is circulated by the circulating airflow to draw the dyed fabric.
2. Key technologies
Dye liquid distribution system, Dye temperature control system, Flow control system, Feeding control system, and so on.
3. Process flow
Pre-treatment [desizing, scouring, bleaching, alkali reduction] → dyeing → post-treatment → soft finishing
Second, the technology application
High temperature and high pressure air dyeing machine, is a new generation of efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly dyeing machine. R & D personnel after eight years of painstaking research and technology tracking, almost simultaneously with the contemporary international advanced airflow dyeing technology development, made a large number of dyeing process experimental data for the successful development of the technology has laid a solid foundation. In succession in Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places a number of printing and dyeing plant for trial production, and general overflow or jet dyeing machine, not only dyeing product "a success rate" high, and save 50% water, save 50% of steam, saving 10% to 15% dye, 60% saving auxiliaries, 50% reduction in sewage. In addition, the airflow dyeing on the high elastic knitted fabrics (including spandex) with less tension, processed fabric feel better than ordinary overflow or jet dyeing. It has been proved that during the airflow dyeing process, it has a kneading condition between fabrics, which is suitable for the completion of primary and secondary fibrillation process of Lyocell fiber fabric, enzymatic biochemical treatment, Fine fibers of the alkali dissolution of fiber and other new technology.