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Some Problems in the Coloring Process of the Coil Yarn Dyeing?

Release date: 2016-12-05 16:10:33 Visits: 290

(1) fight color should use the same type of dye, in order to facilitate the dyeing process control and process simplification.
(2) dye dyeing properties such as directness, dyeing rate, dyeing fastness should be similar to the control of shade. Otherwise the shade after dyeing, in the post-processing or use of the process due to the degree of fading caused by shade changes.
(3) fight the color of the dye with only a few should be as little as possible to facilitate the control of shade.
(4) master the color principle. The remaining color is the mutual reduction of the two colors. Figure 1 is the color of the relationship between several colors. Such as a red with blue, if that red is too heavy, you can add a small amount of red color (green dye) to reduce. But we must pay attention to the principle of more than color to adjust the shade, but a small amount of regulation, the amount of too much will affect the color depth and brightness. When the color, when the affinity between the dye and the dyeing rate difference is too large, the dyeing time will be different in different hue yarn. In extreme cases, high-affinity, low-dye-rate dyes will replace the first-dyed low-affinity, high dye-uptake dyes.