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Discussion on Feasibility of Automatic Dyeing Machine for Rapid Frozen Section Dyeing

Release date: 2016-12-05 16:10:59 Visits: 283

To understand the effect and shortcomings of using Leica ST5020 automatic dye machine instead of manual dyeing for rapid frozen section HE staining. Methods: According to the standard of clinical pathology and technique, combined with the daily workload of our department, we set the staining procedure. The frozen tissue sections were stained by HE staining with Leica ST5020 automatic dyeing machine. Results: The nuclei were well contrasted, the nucleus structure was well, the chromatin was clearly visible, but sometimes the dyeing time exceeded the preset time. Conclusion: The LeicaST5020 automatic dyeing machine can be used for rapid frozen section in HE staining. However, when frozen section and conventional paraffin section are stained simultaneously, only the dyeing machine is less than a certain amount of treatment can be used for rapid frozen section staining.